The Color Binoculars app supports color discrimination for colorblind people US computer software corporation Microsoft has just released a new application called Color Binoculars that helps people with color blindness distinguish colors by using the iPhone camera itself as an “interpreter.” The new iOS app is free to download from Microsoft Garage, a division of Microsoft that works on experimental projects. It uses filters and the phone’s camera to fix pictures based on three basic colors. There are versions that are hard for people who are color blind to tell apart, such as red/green, green/red, and blue/yellow. For example, when it is necessary to combine colors that are difficult to distinguish, such as red and green, users can use color binoculars to convert this color pair into a color pair that is easier to identify, like pink and green. Thanks to that “color change” mechanism, colorblind people easily notice the difference in the color of objects in the image after processing. According to the inventors, the new application not only helps people with color blindness in everyday activities such as choosing flowers, matching clothes but also helps them distinguish different alarm colors on the screen. electronic device. Accordingly, this tool could provide a low-cost solution for helping colorblind people see the colorful world. In addition, to check for color shortages, use the color blind test application to make a guess before going for a thorough examination at the hospital. Test more: color blind test for kids