Zach Harmon

About Me

Full-Stack Developer with applied experience using Javascript, Node.js, React, Express.js, and mongoDB/MySQL using an MVC framework and Git as a VCS. I have a background in medical research as a cancer clinical trials researcher.

I feel most at home when I am working on the back-end but I have experience building full-stack projects with React, HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, and other front end technologies.

I have worked on several projects with small teams using Git for version control. I have a strong grasp of JavaScript (including ES6+7) and I am always eager to learn better techniques and more efficient code.

I have experience working with relational databases using MySQL and the Sequelize ORM as well as non-relational databases using MongoDB and the Mongoose ODM. I am driven to write precise and efficient code when using databases. (possibly because of a deep-seated, ever-present anxiety that I will somehow accidentally drop an entire database)

When I'm not working on code, I can usually be found enjoying a video game or out adventuring with my dog.

Tech I'm interested in

Topics I'm interested in