NC Food Inspector started as a map-based website designed to give citizens easy access to current and past public health scores at restaurants in our community. The original project worked with Durham County to open up inspection data which can be used by an other groups as well here:

The currently active phase of the project is working with Wake County to integrate their data into the existing site and illustrate how the CDC's five risk factors of foodborne illness relate to a resturant's inspection score.

Project Activity

Update #3

-Icons for risk factor data are active for Wake County data. They are darker when there are more violations for that risk factor. -Descriptions for each risk factor display on the restaurant detail page.

Update #2

We are a NC Datapalooza finalist after a successful pitch at All Things Open!

-Wake County data is displaying the same as Durham's on the live website -Risk factor data for Wake is in the database -Icons are added to the templates in GitHub and will be deployed once there's logic to only display icons if risk factor data exists -Discovered risk factor data can be connected to existing violations so counties that do not currently track risk factors can still display them

Update #1

-Jonathan worked on adding Wake County data to existing NC Food Inspector database. Data integration will be complete after questions are answered by Carter because there seems to be duplicate data and missing establishments. -Jonathan sent Slack invitations to team members from City Camp
-Janet added revised versions of the risk factor icons to Trello for integration into the existing site