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Check My Rota

CheckMyRota is an online representation portal operated by Argos Lda for its employees. This is a web interface that allows staff to review payroll. Representative calendar and all other data related to the activity of workers. In addition, representatives can also manage their electronic calendar and post the license proposal anytime and anywhere.

How To Login To The CheckMyRota Portal? The CheckMyRota app or website is for Argos employees only. You can use the app or website on your Windows Phone or PC. If you work with Argos, the Check My Route portal is handy for everyone to get details of working hours and shifts. Check My Rota Now use your access data (company number and employee number) to complete the registration at Argos Rota. Please visit www.CheckMyRota.com to access the Argos Rota portal. By clicking on that link you will be redirected to the Rota login page. Enter your branch number and employee number here. Now click Connect to continue. https://www.checkmyrota.net/ There is also a “Remember me” option that you can enable if you want to save your credentials on the server so you don’t have to re-enter them next time and you can visit your account directly by going to CheckMyRota.com walk.

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