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  • Citizen (Non-Tech) Opinions Needed : These tasks need non-technical, organization, brain-storming, contacting someone, some copy writing, or just help thinking about the task at hand. List of Opinion Tasks
  • Frontend: These tasks will require maybe a little HTML, some CSS, a maybe little Javascript. List of Frontend Tasks
  • Backend : The backend tasks will likely need help from someone with a little Ruby under their belt. List of Backend Tasks
  • Design : These tasks will need someone who can find or make icons, and is familiar with CSS and hex coloring, or confidence organizing page layout and making a mockup. List of Design Tasks
  • Data Analysis: List of Data Tasks


Project Overview

Why do we need to go to the city or county website to get info? Why can't they come to us, automagically? Let's work on this application that sends alerts/digests for crime, development activity and other timely data.

Description: CityGram is a one stop shop application where ALL citizens can subscribe for geo-centric alerts from various departments of their local government. City event notifications, Upcoming street closures, Permit violations, crime in their neighborhood, etc. This tool helps residents better understand what's going on in their area, when it's going to happen, and why. By providing timely information to residents in areas that are relevant to them, the city can be proactive instead of reactive.

Goal: Build trust through transparency, and increase civic engagement across the board. Dependencies: Good data flowing through Durham Open Data Portal with relevant datasets from different data sources.

Project Activity

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