Project Activity

Update #15

Contacted the 'open data' administrator to try to get the URL for the old adopt-a-drain project updated to go to the current URL.

Update #14

Dane, Shawn and EJ worked on closing several tickets, and we launched the site at

Update #13

Onboarded Shane, and reviewed and cleaned up copy TOS copy and started reviewing other copy.

Started letter to mailing lists to start the Pilot.

Update #12

We got approval from the Neighborhood Improvement Services (Laura Smith) to move forward with a pilot of this project last week.

We worked on the last few items needed for the pilot:

Onboarded new member @thrillberg

Update #11

Last week Dane, Laura Biedeger, Laura Smith, Sean McNight, and Sam McClenney met with several members of the San Francisco stakeholders for their Adopt a Drain project.

Laura Smith is passing the results of that meeting up with to other members of the waste department.

Update #10

Contacted city about upcoming Earth Day partnership. Onboarded new member Emma, and got her to submit her first pull request.

Update #8

Preteek, Dane, Kristen, Toughee worked on onboarding - setting up their dev envirments.

Rebranded most of the main website (Toughee). Fixed the data importing script (Preteek & Dane).

Updated Demo with latest data dump.

Update #6

After comparing openoakland/adopt-a-drain vs sfbrigade/adopt-a-drain ( see diff: ) we made the decision to base our work on the San Francisco project.

Our new repository:

I am now continuing work on making the app fully customizable, so that anybody can fork our project and customize it for their specific location without touching the main source files.

Meanwhile, Dane Summers has made headway in parsing the CSV file containing a sample of Durham's storm drain locations.

Update #5

We dropped the Oakland adopt-a-drain (looks too old).

We investigated the San Francisco adopt-a-drain project; we got it running, but we've barely started loading Durham drain data.

If we use the SF based project we discussed what to use for the frontend (currently jQuery) going forward.

Update #4

  • We onboarded: Maria, Kristen and Earl.
  • Forked oakland's adopt-a-drain to codefordurham.
  • Kristen and Earl worked on setting up the oakland adopt-a-drain

Update #3

  • Decided to use the Open Oakland's Adopta version stack (Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Postgres)
  • New tasks added to Waffle board
  • Janet fleshing out UI ideas
  • New members onboarded to project (Greg, Mark)

Update #2

  • We forked a codeforamerica project -
  • Greg and Dane joined the project.
  • We planned the next two milestones
  • Sean is close to getting the data into the Durham data portal.

Update #1

-Established focus for the first phase of the application.

-Onboarded Ellie who reviewed websites from other cities who have Adopt a Drain programs.

-Janet sketched ideas for the interface and site flow:

-Sean McKnight helped us query a service to the location of all of the storm drains.

-Ilgar is analyzing the source code and looking into the Github forks of the other active projects.