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Isidro Razo, 49, was the latest bike rider to die on his way to work in Durham on May 25 on Angier Avenue. That makes four bike-related victims in the past 6 months in Durham. Despite deadly and risky biking conditions in Durham, the transition to a more bike-friendly community is slow and infrastructure budgets are not being accelerated. Policy makers need good data to know where to prioritize new bike plan infrastructure to make roadways safer. Bikers and would-be bikers need to know the safest routes and danger zones as they begin to bike more often to more places.


Create an application with color-coded bike routes based on relative risk of accidents using the NC bike crash database and biker reported incidents, based on # of crashes, time of day, etc. Highlight troublesome intersections.


Project Activity

Update #14

We worked on fleshing out the 'user contributed data' milestone:

  • Brian worked on analyzing data - he's been working on a shiny app of the analysis (the clustering table at the bottom is pretty interesting):
  • Dane & Peter worked an adding more data to the map; added more tickets to the system.
  • Dane reached out to the NCDOT about updates to the data; he is going to follow up with them about obtaining a bulk dataset of pedestrian accidents.

Update #13

  • Brittany merged a feature to add 'wore helmet & lights'.
  • Group investigated adding strava traffic data to map.
  • Mark is going to contact Dale McKeel about GIS pedestrian paths.

Update #12

Ildar & Dane reviewed the app and came up with many more possible improvements and discussion topics.

Brittany started to add a custom field to the user contributed accidents.

Dane tried to fix the zoom levels (dots no longer resize).

Update #11

Dane & Mark crafted a letter to Michael Stierhoff, and mailed it out. Responded to feedback from Bike Durham group. Brian did some general exploratory analysis of the dataset in R.

Update #10

Mark & Dane crafted a letter to ask other bicycle advocacy groups support for a request for bicycle & pedestrian accidents reported to the city and county police.

Update #9

New member Phillip joined the project.

Added new tasks based on feedback from last month's BPAC meeting.

Dane & Mark discussed various UI improvements and started crafting a letter to the Durham Police department to request the latest bicycle & pedestrian data.

Update #6

Latest updates:

  • Close to finishing Milestone #1 (
  • We are planning Milestone #2 (!).
  • Setup two more member's dev systems for the project.
  • Met with the Freewheeling NC project (discussing coordination ideas).

Update #5

We have a new member, and have fully migrated the project over to github. Project highlights:

  • Fixed scrolling on the 'add accident' page.
  • Added all tasks to github issues; added a milestone for finishing the 'add accident' feature.
  • Setup continuous deployment to heroku.
  • Setup testing framework for the project (jasmine).

Update #4

Added the ability for users to add their own accidents to the map.

Next steps: * Refine the 'add accident' feature (add some dialogs, take date/time information). * Migrate tasks to github

Update #3

We're currently in the process of adding a 'add accident' feature to the application.


  • migrated from google maps to leaflet.
  • added coloring by accident metrics.
  • server side accident/road coloring (its faster now!).