The Museum of Durham History is installing an exhibit on Durham’s historic hospitals (Watts, Lincoln, and Duke) in the Health and Human Services building (414 E Main). The exhibit contains text and images, and the MoDH is interested in prototyping an interactive element that will allow people who were born in these hospitals to show their Durham pride.

The exhibit started out at the History Hub, where staff and volunteers noticed that a lot of visitors proudly declared that they were born in these hospitals. As it makes its way into the community, the MoDH wants to nurture that pride as a way to honor native Durhamites and a way to spark interest in the history of these hospitals.

The idea is to have a digital slideshow in the exhibit featuring photos of people who were born at Lincoln, Watts, County General, Durham Regional, and Duke hospitals. People could tweet a selfie of themselves in front of the exhibit (OR better yet, a baby photo!) and proudly declare that they are #DurhamBorn. The photo will then appear in a slide show on a tablet mounted to the wall in the exhibit. There will be some accompanying text to explain the project and encourage participation.

Prototyped Using the following services

Customization could be done using this Galleria JavaScript Library More Open Source code to draw on:

Paid version of Service ($199/mth) -

Project Activity

Update #3

The team took a field trip to Duke Regional to see one of the exhibit locations. The museum identified an iPad that can be used to test different versions of the slideshow and eventually be placed in the exhibit at the Public Health Department. Next steps are firming up a style guide for the slideshow, moving it over so it is hosted by the museum, finding hardware to mount it to the wall.

Update #2

12/09/2015 Brittany received exhibit iPad to test out front-end

12/10/2015 Katie and Brittany visited Duke Regional to view exhibit panels Possible privacy concerns regarding photography at hospital that Katie will check out.

Update #1

Initial meeting

  • Set up Github repo & waffle board
  • Perry created a wireframe for front end
  • Brittany is working on setting up basic page for durham museum page

Will regroup in two weeks.