Our goal is to increase voter registration, education, and turnout — by enabling community outreach and activist groups to use the publicly available data on voter registrations and voting history published by the state Board of Elections.

We may also partner with community groups to offer software tools to help with their voter drives and registration efforts.

The voter registration element is officially nonpartisan, and the project will make no attempt to impede or withhold outreach to any population of voters.

However, there is a decidedly left-of-center/progressive bent to the outreach and partnerships we are exploring.

Project Activity

Update #1

Hello all! I'm announcing a new project that I am starting with Code for Durham, and will be introducing at the meeting this Tuesday, February 21.

Our goal is to get people to vote.

We will attempt to increase voter registration, awareness, engagement, and turnout by three main means: (1) analysis of public voter registration data and historical voting data (2) creating publicly available tools that community groups can use to engage with voters (3) partnering with community and activist groups to engage in voter registration outreach

We've started off with some strategy discussion and data analysis, and can always benefit from more help! Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Group discussion:!forum/durham-openvr