Before Nov 15/16, 2014, we gathered Hack Challenges from local Non-profit partners and aggregated useful data in a dedicated Socrata Open Data Portal for HackDuke, the largest Code for Good collegiate hackathon in the country. 500 developers from over 1400 registrants from top-tier C.S. students from Duke, VTech, GTech and engineers from Google, Citrix, Facebook and more. At the event, Code for Durham volunteers and community partners answered questions and mentored jr. devs. Supporting HackDuke is a great way to kickstart new projects and create valuable demonstrations on open data for Durham City & Counties open data program. It's also a great way to strengthen ties with the University.

Data Buckets & corresponding Challenge working docs (until we get our portal Setup):

Project Activity

Update #2

Launched the portal for HackDuke with 32 open datasets, including some new energy usage data from the city/county!

City of Durham & Durham County Announce Growing the Open Data Program with Code for Durham

Open Data portal plans are underway now for a joint work plan and project framework, with a projected site launch date of summer 2015, alongside the entire city website revamp. We will be pushing for MUCH earlier release than that! And already have a side site released here as a workaround:

“Durham is uniquely positioned to be a very successful site that demonstrates the business and social potential for open data,” said Durham City Manager Thomas J. Bonfield. “Our community’s entrepreneurial energy and creativity gives us an advantage to innovate new ways of doing business by making information readily accessible.”

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Update #1

Thanks to the tiger team that came out Saturday to kickstart our process of sorting through Durham's data and the HackDuke event. We uploaded 12 datasets/pointers & got through about 6-8 HackChallenges!