A Minecraft player shared a trick for making decorative trees. In Minecraft, there are many types of resources available in the vast sandbox universe of vines and skeletons. Whether in creative or survival mode, players can use these resources in countless ways to turn their creativity into reality. In fact, Minecraft players can use almost any resource when building their favorite construction. Minecraft also has many different types of blocks available, although some Minecraft blocks are better for building than others. Whether on a journey of exploration or survival, there will be times when Minecraft players need a base to protect themselves and store resources. Besides practical reasons, the very process of creating a base in paper minecraft is an activity that entertains many players. Minecraft players always have tricks to share, such as the one revealed by user CustardSad8631 in a Reddit post. For players who want better results when creating decorative plants, CustardSad8631 has the solution: place the fence inside the decorative pot. It's important to say that decorated vases are not available in the current stable version of Minecraft. The block is available in the latest snapshot of update 1.20 and is part of the upcoming archeology features that Minecraft will receive. Update 1.20 will add a number of features that many Minecraft players have been excited about, including armor embellishments that allow players to create armor with special designs. The same update will also add new camel mobs and chiseled bookshelf blocks. Another highlight is the introduction of a new biome in Minecraft, bringing beautiful cherry blossom trees to Mojang's game. It's worth noting that the tree that CustardSad8631 uses to share their tips is a cherry tree. The trick shared by CustardSad8631 is simple but effective at what it sets out to do. Sandbox games are inherently continuously evolving, however, Minecraft has taken this principle further with resources released by Mojang. Thanks to this, players can plan new adventures, create different buildings and create stories that make the experience of playing Minecraft much more interesting. And this is only part of the equation, as there is also a large amount of community-generated content, such as mods. Because there is so much to do in Minecraft, even the least creative player is unlikely to get bored.

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