The 1.8 million square foot building will expand the airport's capacity by 12 million passengers annually by adding 15 gates. (The airport rose from the 27th busiest in 2020 to the 31st busiest in 2019 to become the seventh busiest in the world in 2021 with 40.4 million passengers.) The new terminal, however, is profoundly altering the airport experience for visitors, not merely expanding its capacity. This is a high-tech, low-touch terminal, to start. According to Kevin Thibault, CEO of driving directions Orlando International Airport, "in Terminal C, technology drives functionality." He highlights some of the more overt technological features that visitors would see right away, such as biometric face recognition systems at each gate and immersive multimedia presentations all around the airport. Additionally, Bluetooth navigational beacons are available to provide users step-by-step instructions to navigate anywhere in the airport while also displaying their location in real-time. Additionally, there are 1,471 wireless chargers positioned throughout the gate waiting rooms.

A new standard for travel with fewer lost bags, a more effective security procedure, and an overall better passenger experience is ensured by other technologies, such as our radio frequency identification [RFID] for baggage that monitors luggage in real-time, adds Thibault.

With the RFID baggage system, there is less chance of lost luggage since airport workers will always know where every checked bag is. With an average travel time of five minutes from check-in to gate and from gate to baggage claim, it would help expedite the whole procedure.

The terminal's design differs significantly from that of the majority of domestic airports. In contrast to the typical airport layout, where arrivals are on the bottom level and departures are on the top floor, Terminal C was created by the architectural company Fentress Architects and the engineering firm HNTB. Bright sunshine is welcomed by travellers as they disembark their plane and head toward the baggage claim and ground transportation.

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