Connect 4 is a board game famous for its simple gameplay. Players need to create four consecutive pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win. You can play connect 4 with Robot, play with a friend, play online, or create a tournament against any opponent in the world. The connect 4 game is made up of two yellow and two red cards, each with 21 pieces.Similar to the “classic” card game, connect four has a higher difficulty, requiring you to calculate smartly. The player’s goal is to arrange four pieces of their color in a row in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to win. Rule: Each player chooses a color and takes all the pieces of that color, then the turn is alternated between the two. During your turn, you drop a piece of your color onto one of the 7 columns of the vertical chessboard, letting it fall freely until it hits the bottom or another piece. Then pass the turn to the next person. Be the winner!