Pizza game is a general term for video games that involve making or selling pizza. There are different types of pizza tower, but some of the most popular are:

• Pizza survival horror genre games, like Five Nights at Freddy’s, in which you must protect yourself from evil robots in a fictional pizza tower.

• Pizza game restaurant management genre, like Papa’s Pizzeria, in which you have to take orders, make pizza and serve customers according to their requests.

• Pizza game genre idle game, like pizza games, where you have to buy and upgrade equipment to make more pizza and earn more money.

• Pizza puzzle game genre, like Celebrating Pizza in which you have to cut pizza into different categories based on customer orders.

How to play pizza game depends on the specific game, but usually you will use the mouse or keyboard to control your actions. You can also play pizza game on many different platforms, from computers to smartphones. You can play pizza game for fun, learn or challenge your skills.