Playing Mechanics:

suika game, also is a puzzle game that focuses on placing objects in a limited space, similar to Tetris. Players are represented by a cloud named Poppy and their task is to drop different fruits into a box, with the goal being to get a high score without letting any fruit cross the line at the top. box and spilled out.

To avoid the fruit from overflowing from the box, the player must combine two similar fruits so that they merge into larger fruits in the cycle. The score will increase according to the size of the merged fruit, and if two watermelons merge, they will disappear from the box.


Optimize Fruit Placement: Players can develop strategy by learning how to place fruits to optimize space in the box and create appealing movement combinations.

Fruit Management: Carefully manage incoming fruit for better strategy. Although their order is random, players can see upcoming fruits one turn before.

Building Chains of Combinations: Strategy can include building chains of combinations by placing fruits so that they create a series of combinations, increasing the score at the same time.

Diagnostic Aim: An understanding of how physics affects fruits can help players predict and diagnose their position and actions.

Suika Game has no time limit to impose pressure on the player, but the fruit is affected by physics, can collide and roll away from its original position. Sometimes, the pressure from two merging fruits can push one fruit out of the box and end the game.