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Yellow-blue color blindness

Yellow-blue color blindness This is a less common form of color blindness. This form of the disease can affect both men and women, but the incidence is low. Only 1 in 10,000 people worldwide has yellow-blue color blindness. This condition makes it difficult for patients to distinguish between blue and green, yellow and red, and dark blue and black. There are two types of yellow-blue color blindness: Mild blue blindness (tritanomaly) makes it difficult for the patient to distinguish between blue and green and between yellow and red. Complete blue blindness (tritanopia) makes the patient unable to distinguish between blue and green, purple and red, and yellow and pink. The disease also causes the patient to see colors less brightly. Red-blue and yellow-blue color blindness affects color perception but does not affect the patient’s vision. Although people with color blindness can still see everything around them, this disease also has certain effects on the patient’s life and work. Color blindness causes patients to choose inappropriate clothing colors, have difficulty distinguishing traffic light colors, and encounter obstacles in tasks related to design, graphics,… If you want to know what type of color blindness you have, use the color blind test, an online color blindness testing tool, before going to the hospital for testing.

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