Alex Lemann MYiClubOnline Update #27

  • @ammraleigh (Ann) committed updates to the School Guide page table
  • @BobbyBarbeau started a separate charter school email template
  • @RolfBates added a migration to add a standardized state_id to Schools. This can be used to add state data to schools.
  • @elynch (Ellen) fixed collapsing of school info on map search page
  • @schpatel (Seth) started to set up email account for durham school web domain. Will flesh out outreach plan for real estate agents.
  • @npage915 (Nicole) Working with Jeremy on figuring out special case charter schools. Multiples location or multiple school leaders. Added new schools.
  • @jtf621 (Jeremy) worked on adding relationships to the School model to represent schools "feeding" other schools.
  • In the last week @basiacoulter and @bendte worked on a plan for a round of UX improvements. They worked on a plan for reaching out to the community and A/B testing multiple options.