Lauren Hirsh MYiClubOnline Update #35

At the 12/13 meeting, Basia worked on converting profile change recommendations into Github issues. Jeremy, Alex, Nicole and Lauren discussed immediate next steps for the project. Lauren, Basia and newcomer Vallyre went over the profile design change recommendations.

Immediate next steps (thanks Nicole!):

Task Owner
Email Chip (DPS) and Lisa (Charter School Collaborative) to give update; Provide list of schools who have not participated Nicole
Add in teacher satisfaction links Nicole
Assess state of ancillary pages (i.e. not profile pages) to determine what needs to be changed All
Remove the “alpha”
Work on inputting updates to profile page from usability testing Basia, Lauren
Work on revised profile page design mockups Vallyre, Lauren
Identify marketing opportunities All
Fix the map feature on the updated profile pages Victor
Look into Spanish translation options Alex
Work on accessibility assessment Lauren
Remove 'Sample DPS school' from school names in the updated profile pages
QA Testing on mobile All