Jeremy Freeman MYiClubOnline Update #25

Cleaned up, tested, and fixed issues for Phase 2:

  • cleaned issue backlog (Alex)
  • fixed broken date in email template (Alex)
  • fixed 6 issues on profile page (Victor)
  • set up coming soon tags on profile (Victor)
  • testing and updating sample profile (Sarah)
  • updated links in school list to point to profile (Victor)
  • corresponded with DPS on next steps to launch survey to principals (Sarah)
  • set up email bounces (Colin)
  • fixed 2 issues on profile/survey page (Jeremy)
  • worked on preserving breaks in long survey text (Jeremy)
  • got front end development environment setup and tarted on an issue (Terry)
  • planning for Jun 4 Civic Day of Hacking (Alex, Adam, team)