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OBJECTIVE: To bring the Adopt a Drain web app deployed in San Francisco to Durham.

The problem: many stormwater drains in Durham are covered in leaves.

How you can help:

Project Links:…-Code-for-Durham-JR1fp2UnN6M


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Durham Born Exhibit Interactive Prototyping

The Museum of Durham History is installing an exhibit on Durham’s historic hospitals (Watts, Lincoln, and Duke) in the Health and Human Services building (414 E Main). The exhibit contains text and images, and the MoDH is interested in prototyping an interactive element that will allow people who were born in these hospitals to show their Durham pride.

The exhibit started out at the History Hub, where staff and volunteers noticed that a lot of visitors proudly declared that they were born in these hospitals. As it makes its way into the community, the MoDH wants to nurture that pride…

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