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You can win some great rewards in the form of gift vouchers, which is an intriguing information about the survey. You may use these gift cards at the store on you next visit. The poll on customer satisfaction feedback is open to both new and existing customers. This survey's primary goal is to ascertain how satisfied customers are with the store's amenities, selection, and quality of goods.

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8 Ball Pool Commenting

When you play 8 ball pool, you can shoot some sticks with people from all over the world. It is a lot of fun, but it can also take up a lot of time as you try to keep winning or get over a bad loss. All of this is done to get coins and money so that you can play at high-stakes tables and buy better cues. If you're new to 8 Ball Pool, we've put together a list of basic tips to help you play better and make more money and coins right away!

Eggy Car Maintaining

I'm going to introduce you to eggy car today, a game that is currently quite well-liked. This is an egg-topped off-road driving game. Additionally, you will be given the vital responsibility of driving the vehicle and moving the egg through uneven, pothole-filled terrain. For the egg to remain unbroken and the automobile to travel as far as feasible, the brake and accelerator must be properly adjusted. Your score increases as the automobile travels farther. Aim to travel as far as you can! Good fortune!

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Bike Safety Application Prototyping

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Bike Safety App Memo (background and more details)

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Isidro Razo, 49, was the latest bike rider to die on his way to work in Durham on May 25 on Angier Avenue. That makes four bike-related victims in the past 6 months in Durham. Despite deadly and risky biking conditions in Durham, the transition to a more bike-friendly community is slow and infrastructure budgets are not being accelerated. Policy makers…

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HackDuke Support: Challenges & Data Hibernating

Before Nov 15/16, 2014, we gathered Hack Challenges from local Non-profit partners and aggregated useful data in a dedicated Socrata Open Data Portal for HackDuke, the largest Code for Good collegiate hackathon in the country. 500 developers from over 1400 registrants from top-tier C.S. students from Duke, VTech, GTech and engineers from Google, Citrix, Facebook and more. At the event, Code for Durham volunteers and community partners answered questions and mentored jr. devs. Supporting HackDuke is a great way to kickstart new projects and create valuable demonstrations on open data for…

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