The 1.8 million square foot building Commenting

The 1.8 million square foot building will expand the airport's capacity by 12 million passengers annually by adding 15 gates. (The airport rose from the 27th busiest in 2020 to the 31st busiest in 2019 to become the seventh busiest in the world in 2021 with 40.4 million passengers.) The new terminal, however, is profoundly altering the airport experience for visitors, not merely expanding its capacity. This is a high-tech, low-touch terminal, to start. According to Kevin Thibault, CEO of driving directions Orlando International Airport, "in Terminal C,…

Code for Durham Website Updates Testing

Our website needs improving! We've now migrated over to this site which the master template is developed and hosted by Code for Philly brigade with a lot of support from Chris Alfano. Great opportunity to play with web dev.

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  • Recaptcha Integration - How to (Laddr Forum)
  • CSS/Design work
  • Integration with other Code for Raleigh, Cary Laddr sites
  • Update Project Template
  • Profile Template Updates

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